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G,day, my name is Nate Appleby aka the Aussie. I’m the co-founder of the Aussie and the Pom show.

Sports loving, movie loving, art loving  husband and proud father from Hobart Tasmania.

On the show I go on the occasional rant, pick controversial movies in my top 5 and have a weird love for all things Wesley Snipes and rightfully so.

I also do all the artwork for our PomCast including Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud banners. I also have the great pleasure in editing each weeks PomCast (much to the annoyance of my lovely wife). Thankfully it doesn’t take the 4 hours it did at the start.

Thanks for checking out our website. I hope you can get involved and enjoy everything we have to offer whilst making your belly rumble with the occasional laugh.

You can also find me on

twitter @apples_23

YouTube : Appleby illustration

Facebook: Appleby creative

Website: www.applebycreativestudio.com



Good Morrow my name is Rus Curtis aka The Pom and I am Co-Founder of The Aussie & The Pom Show! If you are asking yourself the question I think you are, then the answer is YES! I do own a life size working Ironman Helmet!

On the show I get to look after all the Intro’s and do all the research into the topics we cover. I also like to share the wonderful musings of my girlfriend Mrs Pom who for example rates Justin Bieber as one of the Top ACTORS of his generation, yep your read it right, ACTORS!!!!

Thanks for checking out our website and I am hoping you will enjoy our fun and often controversial way of thinking on the world of Entertainment. We love interaction from others so feel free to comment on any of our reviews & blogs or hit us up on Twitter @Aussie_ThePom and on Facebook @AussieThePom.

A wise man once told me “If you ain’t first, you’re last” (Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights, 2006) I don’t know why I put this here? I saw a few other bio’s that have inspirational quotes in so I thought I would go with the Aristotle of our generation, Will Ferrell! Anyways enjoy………..



Hey there. I’m Dave Appleby. Older and wiser brother of Nate Appleby, the Aussie.

On the podcast I am affectionately known as Afghani Dave. Still haven’t figured out why yet but hey it has stuck.

I live in Northern Queensland in the beautiful tropics between the rainforest and the reef in Cairns. I have a wonderful wife and two great kids. Also a couple of dogs, some chooks and ducks.

The entertainment news is my speciality and I try to give a mature perspective to the show. Not always successfully. When I am not podcasting I am snake hunting! Well not as a professional but I have caught a few from my back yard and so I can officially claim to be the most dangerous man on the show!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @afghani_dave –  Live long and prosper.



Hello Hello, I am Gav Lawrence, just like Dave I also have a very terrific Beard!

I am a good friend of the show and I make the occasional appearance, mainly to bring the British back up to The Pom. My crowning moment was when I beat Dave in a vicious game of 90 second KO on my first appearance! I am also the official videographer for the Top 5 in 5, the answer is no I don’t get a penny from The Aussie or The Pom!

I live in good old England, literally 30 seconds from The Pom (there goes the neighbourhood)! I have spent a good old chunk of my life over in Australia as well which was awesome! I am pretty much into everything, love chatting films, TV, gaming and sports! I have a rivalry with The Aussie as I am into Aussie Rules as well with St Kilda my team, I also play a bit myself over in the UK!

Outside of that I live with my beautiful wife and my son, who is growing up way to quick but he has an awesome name, Dexter, and so is a legend in the making!!! If you want any random chat then find me on Twitter @Gavalar23 and come and say hello!

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