Legion Review


Written by Afghani Dave

The show Legion has just finished airing its first season and I for one am impressed. This offering from FX is a Marvel linked show set in the X-Men universe, although it is still unclear if it is connected to the cinematic universe we all know.  The show focuses on David Haller, portrayed brilliantly by Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens. David has been a mental patient for the last 6 years and suffers from Schizophrenia, or does he? He can do things with his mind. Hear thoughts, move things, even teleport. Is this a mental illness or simply his mutant powers awakening?

This show superbly portrays the inner workings of Davids mind as he escapes the haze of all the anti- psychotic drugs he has been taking while in the hospital. But each episode still leaves you asking is he really a powerful mutant? Or is he just crazy? As you work through the season you get closer to the answer.

Legion is not an easy watch, you have to concentrate, perhaps even rewatch some segments or even whole episodes to fully grasp what is going on. To say its complicated is an understatement. But that is as it should be. If the plot was dumbed down and spoonfed to the audience it simply wouldn’t work. While a show like Westworld tried so hard to be clever and failed by being very predictable this show tries and succeeds on a much simpler plotline.

The acting is brilliant with no bad performances to be seen. Although some characters are a little underdeveloped with most attention on David, I fully expect that to change in season two. Special mentions go to Aubrey Plaza as Lenny and Jermaine Clement (yes the guy from flight of the Conchords) as Oliver Bird.

Some parts of Legion will have you questioning whether you are still watching the same show or in the right order. A scene will appear and you think, WTF am I watching. But stick with it. It will all mostly make sense.

I can not recommend Legion enough. A must see!


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