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Written by Afghani Dave

Having spent the weekend binge watching the latest Netflix Marvel series I have to say it’s the first time they have let me down. While Luke Cage did drag for a few episodes it had many positives that made it a great series. Iron fist on the other hand had few redeeming features. It is such a disappointment! The first 2 or 3 episodes of Iron Fist were a slow burn, the introduction of Danny Rand as a young naive lad that had been trapped in a monastery for the last 15 years after his patents were killed in a plane crash had some endearing qualities and promised much for the rest of the series.

However it didn’t last. The writing of the characters let this show down greatly. There was little consistency with various people seemingly doing things that made no sense. Just looking at Danny Rand, he is supposed to be the supreme Warrior from the city of Kun Low. Having trained for fifteen years he is granted the power of the Iron Fist. Yet after the first three episodes he shows very little maturity and seemingly lacks any tactical knowledge and just rushes into all sorts of situations without thinking them through first. But he isn’t the only one. The inconsistencies of character development make the show hard to watch and confusing.

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One scene in particular involving a drunken member of the Hand (the bad guys) fighting the Iron Fist is simply ridiculous. I suspect they were playing it for laughs but it it was not funny and is probably the worst scene I have seen on TV in a very long time.

The fight scenes lacked the great choreography I have come to expect from the other Netflix Marvel series. Just look at the hallway scene in the first season of Daredevil. Nothing comes close in Iron Fist.

One out of five I’m afraid. Very disappointing!!!


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