Written by Sam Peacock

On Mars, a massive research facility tapping energy from hell has been overwhelmed by demonic forces. As the last DOOM Marine, you have been resurrected to do one thing; to cleanse this world and send them back to where they came from

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Being a big fan of first-person shooters in general and having recently played through both of the recent Wolfenstein games (The New Order, The Old Blood, both well worth a look) I was looking forward to revisiting the Doom franchise. My experience with these shooters was back in the 90’s on an old PC, blasting room after room of inter-dimensional nasties into pixelated red mush with a variety of futuristic weaponry.

Good to see that Bethesda have gone with a “If it ain’t broke” approach to this game and the results are very impressive.

This game kicks off from Level 1 and doesn’t hold back. The heavy-metal soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment as you shotgun, chainsaw and…BFG your way through 13 sprawling levels.

The enemies are plentiful, and they don’t just lob a fireball at you and lose interest when you disappear…they hunt you down, in packs, mercilessly, but all this adds to the challenge. At some points a new enemy will appear (usually with a horn, or horns and a bad attitude) and take a bit of work to dispatch. You would be forgiven for thinking it was a level boss. But that same enemy just pops up around the next corner and is now just one of a long list of bad guys for you to take out, sometimes multiples at a time, and this is what keeps the adrenaline pumping. Enemies can also be finished via a ‘Glory Kill’ system that involves getting up close to them to end them when they flash red, usually by the ripping off of a horn or an eye being yanked out and fed to it’s owner. Glory Kills result in ammo and health bonuses and when timed effectively can be the difference between life and death.

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One of the other features that helps with the whole ‘life and death’ thing is the Upgrade system. Your suit can be upgraded as you progress through the game with more health, ammo or armor as can your sizable arsenal of weapons. Shotguns become grenade launchers, machine guns become rocket launchers or sniper rifles, and chainsaws…well they are still just chainsaws (and still as much fun as they were in the 90’s).

I didn’t get too much in the Multiplayer or SnapMap but they both look like they could be worth a look in the future, but for now, I’m happy to replay the levels and hunt down all the hidden extras with my trusty sawn-off.


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