Retro Review

We rolled back the years yet again and we all gave each other a challenge - Afghani Dave gave The Pom the Original Superman Movie, The Pom gave The...

Power Rangers Movie **Spoilers**

It was the moment we had all been waiting for, that 90’s-nostalgia reboot! I was a huge fan, like most 90’s kids, of the Power Rangers however it was...

Beauty and The Beast – Spoiler Free

As much as I am a Disney type of guy, I can honestly say that Beauty & the Beast has never really been my thing. However I thoroughly enjoyed...

Kong Review **Spoilers**

The Aussie & The Pom did the unthinkable.......... They watched the same film in the same week!!! Kong: Skull Island was the movie of choice - What did the hosts...

Get Out – Spoiler Free

Written by Gav Lawrence WATCH IT Well, damn, See... what I've done here is, I've chosen my first film review to be about a film I can't describe without spoiling it!...

Childhood Movies Review

The Aussie set the team a challenge - all pick a movie from your childhood to give to another member of the team to watch and review. See how...

Logan Review ‘UK Style’ **Spoilers**

Well it finally arrived, that's right, one of the most anticipated films of the year in Logan hit our cinema screens and it’s time to see what all the...

Logan Review ‘Aussie Style’ **Spoilers**

As Australia live in the future, they were able to catch up with Logan before The Pom and his UK posse! The Aussie, Afghani Dave and our very special...

50 Shades Darker Review

Fifty Shades Darker Or at least, in parts, that's what I wished the cinema had been. Starring the same cast as the first in its sequence, this film stayed fairly true...
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