Aussie PomCast # 45 – And On That Farm


The guests just keep on coming as we stay state side and invite one hell of a guy to become the newest member of the AP Posse!

Farmer Mike joins us for the entire show, we get an intro into what it’s like to live in a farmers world. We have a weekly catch up from the UK, Australia & US of the A.

The Aussie gives a spoiler free review of the new Star Trek show, on Netflix in Oz & UK, but will Farmer Mike be tempted to part with his dollars for it!

The Pom shares his spoiler free views as Larry David returns from a 6 year absence with the new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The guys finish off with their Top 5 Worst Sequels of all time – all 3 throw a controversial one into the mix!

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