Aussie PomCast #26 – Afghani Dave’s Big Snake


The Pom is late to his own show because of something called work…..what ever that is. So The Aussie struggles through his first ever intro. We decided to give someone else a go up front – which ultimately brought mixed results……..

Rus joins after The Aussie & Afghani Dave talk about Sense8, then we head straight into Entertainment News. We have a chat about Justice League, Top Gun 2, the Dark Crystal Netflix show and much more.

Top 5 this week is movies from the 80’s

Oh and you do not want to miss the action that happens DURING the show as we bring you a new segment………. SNAKE NEWS

Intro, Weekly Catch Up & Sense8 Talk – 00:00

Entertainment News – 17:48

Top 5 – 33:09

Snake News – 50:55


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